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Why use AssessTech Products?

AssessTech is a technology and training company specialising in all aspects of Competence Management for the Railway Industry.

We believe in Developmental Competence Management, which is a continuous process that achieves lower business risk and a reduction in incident rates through targeted training and development of people.

We supply hosted systems and services to Train Operating Companies, giving them better visibility of their competence related data, which along with complementary training and consulting, means they are better able to assess risk, manage incidents and target spending accordingly.

These hosted systems and services include the AssessTech Competence Management System (ACMS); AssessBook, an online learning management system (LMS); and AssessTube, a private Video Hosting Service.

Context and Approach

AssessTech’s Products are designed to support a process of competence management that has the following key principles:

  • Continuous

  • Developmental

  • It’s about more than Assessment

It’s also important to undertake verification and standardisation activities, in order to get an overall picture of a company’s competence. The AssessTech approach is to consider all of these elements as essential parts of the whole solution.

Continuous Competence Management

This is important because competence management is an inherently continuous process. It’s all about setting up performance criteria to address business risk, and then training and assessing against that criteria. Verification and standardisation ensure issues are addressed and fed back into the competence cycle.

Developmental Competence Management

Competence management must also be a developmental process that allows candidates to take responsibility for their own competence. This is achieved by assessing individual criteria against a developmental scale.

There is a default marking scheme built into ACMS but it can also be tailored to use customer defined levels and colours:


The candidate falls seriously short of the required standard


The candidate falls just short of the required standard


The candidate meets the required standard


The candidate exceeds the required standard

This scheme clearly shows a candidate where their development areas lie. Clear actions can be set and agreed to address these, if necessary. This ‘per-criteria’ marking is much more effective as a tool for improvement than the allocation of an overall mark for the candidate.

It's About More than Assessment

Competence management is also about recognising the fact that it’s not just about assessment. Whilst assessment is undoubtedly an important part of the process, you cannot get a true picture of a person’s competence without also taking into account their incident history, their development plans, and their training.

ACMS has lots of features , such as incident management, training tracking, and customisable reporting that aren’t just about assessing candidates. Thus, the software can provide a broader capability for competence management.

AssessTech Products

In the pursuit of the above we have developed three different products, each of which provides a unique but important function within the overall discipline of competence management.   These three products work together and can be combined to facilitate a joined-up approach to Competence and Learning Management.

The AssessTech Competence Management System (ACMS)is an online web-based application for managing all aspects of competence. It includes apps for offline operation.

is an online learning management system (LMS). Customers can host online courses provided by AssessTech, sourced commercially or generated in-house.

is a private video hosting service for distribution of company videos, including, but not exclusive to, route learning videos and health and safety videos.