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AssessBook is an online learning management system (LMS) based around the commercially available engine TotaraTotara is a licensed engine generally used within industry and provides some powerful features when compared to free engines, such as the ability to manage repeating or cyclic courses and link training to competence criteria.

Customers can host online courses provided by AssessTech, sourced commercially or generated in-house. AssessTech has added features to the platform to make it more suitable for the Railway Industry and to provide integrations with other systems typically used in that industry.

The key features of AssessBook are:

  • Building online Courses to include content and rules for completion
  • Creating Content using native Totara constructs (quizzes, assignments, pages, etc.)
  • Hosting Content created elsewhere (typically as a SCORM package)
  • Learning Programmes to link Courses with Rules for Completion
  • Support for Cyclic Courses (those that must be repeated periodically to maintain competence)
  • Custom Certificates for Learners (per course)
  • Automatic and Manual Marking Schemes
  • User Accounts (for users needing to undertake training; trainers/assessors to mark work and/or run courses; or administrators to manage content - permissions are flexible for different user types)
  • Branding and Theming
  • Migration of existing training material (possible to import from an existing Totara-based LMS, or migrate data from a range of other systems and formats)
  • Customised reporting and bespoke Dashboards (same engine as ACMS so reports and dashboards are fully customisable, and can even be linked to ACMS to run training reports against LMS data) 


On this page:

Table of Contents

AssessBook for AssessTech Training

The AssessTech Training Team has their own AssessBook instance, where online training courses are offered to candidates, who are working towards qualifications with AssessTech. In this case the service is configured with AssessTech branding:

AssessBook for Customers

AssessBook is also available as a branded service for our customers. In this case, the service is branded with customer colours and logos and menus are tailored to reflect our customers' company standards and terminology. A language file is included that can be tailored to support either local terminology or different languages.

eCourse Design and Development

AssessTech also offers an eCourse design and development service. We have lots of standard railway industry content that can be provided directly or tailored to your needs, which includes the following:

  • Accident and Investigation Training
  • Fire Warden
  • Personal Track Safety
  • Security
  • Train Operating Liaison Officer

We can also source non-industry specific training courses, such as:

  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Awareness
  • Fist Aid
  • Health and Safety in the Office/Workplace
  • Microsoft Office Courses (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook)
  • Report Writing Skills

Reports and Dashboards

All systems include the ability to make highly customised and bespoke reports and dashboards. These will mostly need to be configured by the AssessTech Customer Operations Team, but this is part of the service – there are no additional fees and there is no limit to the number you can have.

Reports and dashboards can be enabled for groups of users based on the nature of their account and according to security permissions or they can be enabled for specific users.

Dashboards contain widgets that can show any data that the viewing user is allowed to see. These widgets can be in any format – tables, charts, graphs, etc. All of these are downloadable in a number of formats (Excel, CSV, PDF, etc.) – the appropriate format depends on the nature of the widget, of course.

Reports can also contain any data that a user is allowed to see and can be in a range of formats, although the most common reports are tabular and delivered in PDF and Excel formats.