The Bulletin module of ACMS is all about the distribution of notices. Various types of documents can be distributed to candidates in the field according to rules relating to their role, security group, resources and/or location. Crucially, managers are informed when candidates download and read documents, removing the need for notices to be signed for manually.

On this page:

Bulletin Workbench

This is a set of controls for managing Bulletins and Bulletin Categories which can then be attached to Audiences for distribution. The following functions are available:

  • View/Manage Bulletin Category hierarchy - this shows all bulletins in a hierarchy (a file system) and allow for the setting of default audiences on Bulletin Categories
  • Add/Edit/Delete Bulletins - bulletins can be either documents (attachments) or simple text messages. Bulletins have versions to help with the management of updates
  • Issue/Withdraw Bulletin - the control to attach a new audience to a bulletin (or select the default one for the category)

The Issue “button” actions a Bulletin. That is to say that it makes it go live for distribution on aBulletin (and to the Candidate on ACMS via the My Page screen). Once issued, a bulletin will be live on the aBulletin within the date range specified on the appropriate version.

The Withdraw “button” does the opposite and removes the Bulletin from aBulletin. Both of these actions set the issue status attribute.

Candidate Dashboard Tab

When the Bulletin module is enabled, a “Bulletin” Tab appears on the candidate dashboard where you can see any bulletins distributed to that candidate and the status of those bulletins (whether or not is has been read and/or signed for).

My Page Tab

When the Bulletin module is enabled, a “Bulletin” Tab appears on My Page where candidates can see their own bulletins. They can read and sign for them here as well as on the aBulletin App.

Reporting and Dashboards

Custom reporting and bespoke dashboards are available.

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