The Hours module of ACMS allows for tracking driving hours, specifically for trainee drivers, during the practical handling phase of their training programme. It provides the following features:

  • Tracking hours against core routes
  • Tracking hours driven during daylight and darkness
  • Reporting on the progress against a target number of hours for daylight, darkness and/or specific core routes.
  • Tracking of missed days with a reason, e.g. off sick, no instructor available, etc.
  • Tracking and reporting on trainees overrunning their practical handing schedule

On this page:

Candidate Dashboard Tab

When the Hours module is enabled, an “Hours tracker” Tab appears on the candidate dashboard for trainee Drivers only. This is where you can see all the data related to that candidate’s progress and run individual reports for that candidate.

Reports and Dashboards

There are many standard reports associated with the Hours Tracker Module. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Core Routes Report: Shows which routes are marked to be used for Hours Tracking
  • Hours Tracker Status Report: Shows how all the trainees are getting on, including their projected completion time
  • Hours Tracker Overrun Report: Shows anyone that’s not completing within the original target time.
  • Hours Tracker Missed Days Report: Summarises all the reasons why days are missed from the hours tracker schedule.
  • Summaries By Depot: All of the above summaries, by depot.

There are also individual reports (for just one person), available from the candidate dashboard:

  • Hours Tracker Report: See how this person is doing in terms of total hours, hours on each core route, progress against target and totals for missed days.
  • Hours Tracker Missed Days Report: See the detail for all missed days.

Custom reporting and bespoke dashboards are available.

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