Current Integration

Whilst it is a long-term goal to fully integrate all AssessTech products, at present platform integration encompasses the following features:

  • User accounts can be linked through the use of a common email address
  • The ACMS Candidate Dashboard includes an AssessBook tab, in which the user's course status in AssessBook is stored
  • ACMS Reports including Candidate and Summary Reports can contain data from AssessBook

The Vision

We at AssessTech are currently working toward the following integration model being the mode of operation for our platforms:

This would then realise key features such as:

  • Single Sign-on

  • ACMS Audiences being pushed to AssessBook and AssessTube

  • Directed Learning Content

  • ACMS Schedules Integration that would link with AssessBook courses and AssessTube videos to become part of the competence cycle and link with performance criteria (as per following diagram)

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