AssessTech delivers all products as fully hosted and managed systems (see Software as a Service).

All services are provided from a carrier-grade data centre, with fully resilient power, facilities and network provision. AssessTech’s data centre partner is Pulsant. All data is backed up to other locations in order to fully facilitate disaster recovery.

On this page:

Technical Architecture for ACMS

The diagram below gives an overview of the technical infrastructure for LIVE ACMS systems:

Live ACMS Platform

Live ACMS Platforms are deployed as per the diagram above. Points to note:

  • The main ACMS system is a Java/JavaScript implementation supported by an ISAM database
  • Data is reflected to a MySQL database to support the production of reports and dashboards by the Database Server. This ensures;
    1. the production of reports for some users does not impact other users of ACMS.
    2. there is a relational model, which makes the development of custom reports simple using JasperReports and JasperServer.
    3. there are two Database servers and MySQL databases operating on a load share basis, providing resilience in the case of equipment/environmental failures.
  • For resilience, data from the ISAM database is reflected to a second ISAM database, which, along with a second copy of the Java/JavaScript, provides a hot standby for the live platform, in case of equipment/environmental failures.
  • At the Database Server level there is also a resilient platform that operates in a load-share mode with the primary. It can also take over completely in the case of platform issues.
  • All of the above is provided in our primary location. However (not shown on the diagram), all data is reflected to a secondary site and then to a third location that acts as a data store for backups. This is to facilitate disaster recovery.

AssessBook and AssessTube

AssessBook and AssessTube are deployed using the same resilient architecture as ACMS, except there is just a single pair of virtual machines for each. There is no ISAM database - these products have SQL databases to begin with. So, there is no need for reflection to an external SQL database.

Browser Support

The following browsers are supported for all AssessTech hosted services:

  • Chrome 57 and higher
  • Firefox 45 and higher
  • Internet Explorer 10 and higher
  • Microsoft Edge 12 and higher
  • Opera 43 and higher
  • Safari 6 and higher
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