aAssess comes as part of the Assessment module of ACMS, and is an application designed for tablet devices. It allows assessors to undertake assessments in a completely paperless way.

Assessors can use aAssess to perform the following functions:

  • View a candidate’s previous assessments (useful during planning, and the assessment when items come up for review)
  • View a candidate’s schedule to see when assessments are due
  • Mark off and comment upon performance criteria
  • Review items marked for development
  • Record details of any journey undertaken (as Waypoints)
  • Write a summary



Platform/Device Support

aAssess is available for iOS and Android tablets.

App Design

The aAssess app has been designed for use within train driving cabs. To this end, it does not make any sound, send any notification, or require any network connections to be enabled during an assessment. It is also low contrast, so that the screen does not light up and cause distraction.

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